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Evernote "rejoices" over 4x faster update

One perk of using Evernote is its cross-platform synchronisation—type a note on your iPhone, edit it in a web browser, and read it later on your Android tablet.

Now, thanks to a back-end server redesign, that syncing is faster than ever.

"For us, making sure that sync runs smoothly is a massive operation. For you, it should be invisible," CEO Phil Libin wrote in a blog post. "The highest praise you can give it is to say, 'It just works.'"

Synchronisation in every version of Evernote now runs about four times faster, cutting the five or six seconds it used to require to only a couple of seconds, according to Libin. Even better: When you get a new phone or computer, downloading all of your notes will be a breeze.

"On the other hand, if your account is large, or you've been using Evernote for many years, or you share notebooks with other users, or your entire company uses Evernote Business, you'll see massive improvements," Libin promised.

When the company launched its modest note-taking application in 2008, it based its synchronisation process on five variables: the number of notes in an account, the average size of resources (images, PDFs, files), the number of users simultaneously syncing on the same server, the number of devices in use, and the amount of collaboration with notes and notebooks.

But as each of those variables grew, so did Evernote's needs; the organisation has matured from a dozen servers to more than 700 in multiple data centres. It also redesigned its requirements, and spent about a year re-engineering the way it syncs notes.

"As of now, all Evernote servers are running the new sync engine," Libin said. "There is much rejoicing."

But this is just the beginning of Evernote's synchronisation updates. Following this first server-side step will be an upgrade to all of the company's apps—mobile, desktop, and web—to take advantage of these new capabilities and make sync run even faster.