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Sony launches PS Vita Slim in UK ahead of 7 February release date

Good news for Sony fans – the little brother of the PS4 has an official release date. The gaming giant has announced that its updated handheld console, the PS4 Vita Slim, will be launching in the UK on 7 February for £180.

The original PS Vita launched with much jazz hands and accompanying fanfare from the media, but dwindling sales figures have proved disappointing. Some critics have even whispered that the PS Vita Slim could be Sony's last ever mobile console device – a bold claim in a market where mobile gaming is gaining significant traction

The new Vita hopes to replace the older OLED model as its stocks diminish, having embarked on an intense diet that makes it significantly cheaper, thinner and lighter with an impressive battery life and 1GB of internal memory to match.

On the inside, the Slim has identical innards to the OLED, with an A9 processor, 512MB of RAM and 128MB of VRam. The OLED display, however, has been sapped for an IPS LCD model – a change that has ruffled a few feathers amongst hardcore gamers that see OLED screens as visually superior to LCDs.

However, Sony have countered criticism by arguing that there will be no noticeable difference between the two, and shirking the power-guzzling OLED screen will only boost the Slim's battery life.