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SwiftKey keyboard app finally arrives on iPhone iOS

Android users have long raved about SwiftKey, a third-party keyboard that can be installed on Android devices in place of the stock input option. It's a very cool utility, but iOS users have been left out by Apple's refusal to allow developers to replace OS components system-wide. SwiftKey has arrived on iPhone and iPad despite that limitation. The new SwiftKey Note app won't get rid of the iOS keyboard, but it offers a new way to type within this single app.

SwiftKey Note connects to an Evernote account to make it easier to enter text and have it usable outside the SwiftKey app. It has all the main features of Evernote like tags, notebooks, and real time syncing. It is a very clean and attractive note taking app on its own, but the keyboard is the main event here.

SwiftKey has opted to go with an iOS style for the interface, so you won't immediately notice anything different. As you start typing, the suggestion bar at the top of the keys will light up with words it thinks you might be typing, and they are excellent suggestions. SwiftKey Note also correctly fixes almost all misspellings. You can hit the spacebar to instantly insert the top prediction if it's right. The crazy thing about SwiftKey is that it learns over time and will guess at words before you even start typing. If you tap that suggestion bar repeatedly, it actually spits out real sentences composed of words you have used.

SwiftKey Note feels like a bit of a tech demo in this form. You're still using the iOS style keyboard with all it's Apple-specific foibles. There are no themes, no key customizations, and (sadly) no swiping input. SwiftKey Flow is one of the app's hallmark features on Android, but it isn't included in the iOS release.

The suggestion engine behind SwiftKey Notes is still amazing, though. It's a better typing experience than the stock keyboard just on that basis. If SwiftKey Note could be updated to implement swiping input, it would be phenomenal.