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HP Autonomy adds extensive HAVEn integration to HP IDOL big data software offering

HP Autonomy has released a new version of its HP IDOL big data software solution that strengthens integration with key elements of HP’s HAVEn big-data platform by expanding upon IDOL’s analytics, reliability and ease of use.

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HP IDOL 10.5 is integrated with three key elements of the HAVEn big data platform that include HP ArcSight, HP Vertica, and Apache Hadoop, and all three bring valuable advantages to the big data software solution.

HP IDOL for Hadoop turns Hadoop into an intelligent analytics platform that is able to produce insights from petabytes of data. Embedding HP IDOL functions, such as sentiment analysis, clustering and entity extraction, into Hadoop nodes allows enterprises to carry out detailed customer analytics, security analysis, operational analytics and various other tasks.

IDOL UDx pack for HP Vertica lets Vertica users analyse unstructured data alongside transactional and semi-structured machine data to get a rounded view of all the information available.

HP IDOL Email Analytics Pack and IDOL Social Media Analytics Pack for HP ArcSight uses ArcSight’s security expertise to focus on preventing or managing a number of different threats including everything from insider and hactivist threats to ill-willed communications. It does this by analysing unstructured email and social media data alongside security application and operations events in HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager.

Other improvements that HP brings to the table with HP IDOL 10.5 mean that the solution is more manageable, reliable and powerful than ever before. Some of the particular changes include enhancements to the HP IDOL Admin console to increase the ease of manageability and new connectors to key cloud application and systems in order to deliver an uplift in power.

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“Our business has always been to help our customers to manage, control and get value out of human information,” HP Autonomy CTO Fernando Lucini told Techworld. “We recognise people are starting to be more savvy with the use of mobile technology and things like that. The savvy user has a tendency to want more but do less. So we needed to do quite a lot of work to give our users some stronger administration, while making it easier for them to use and giving them more performance. Almost more intelligence in a smaller box.”