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IBM tackles hiring and firing with new SaaS service

IBM has unveiled a new software-as-a-service [SaaS] suite that is designed to assist HR departments in the ongoing quest to find the best talent for jobs.

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Kenexa Talent Suite allows chief human resources officers [CHROs] and C-Suite executives to gain insights on the workforce to allow the hiring process to be streamlined and modernised, increase workforce productivity and connect employees to improve results.

“We know people are the lifeblood of an organization, and business success on today’s stage requires not just talent but social capabilities that can energize, empower and nurture each team member so they can reach their full potential,” said Craig Hayman, general manager of industry cloud solutions at IBM. “By combining social, behavioral science and analytics in the cloud, we give businesses a clear path to empower their most valued asset – employees.”

Put simply, it allows HR professionals to examine large volumes of data related to prospective employees including work experience, social engagement, skills development and individual interests. Teams can also use the models to carry out additional social marketing on recruiting sites to match up job seekers with the skills required.

The solution consists of three main prongs that are designed to streamline the recruiting process.

Talent Acquisition uses recruitment, skill and behavioural science-based assessments and onboarding in order to gain a detailed understanding on what the best talent looks like and how to attract, hire and engage them.

Talent Optimisation is made up of performance management, succession planning, and compensation planning with the view to empower and get the most out of employees.

Lastly Social Networking is designed to increase productivity using expertise identification and knowledge discovering to connect employees and accelerate the time to productivity.

The Kenexa Talent Suite can also be complemented with Watson Foundations, which is made up of an integrated set of big data and analytics capabilities to allow clients to discover and take advantage of insights, providing a deeper level of understanding.

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An IBM C-Suite survey found that many companies are not taking advantage of the raft of insights available from big data and analytics with just over half choosing to utilise workplace analytics.