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Mint integrates with Bitcoin, tracks your virtual and real life currencies

Personal finance service Mint has announced that it will be integrating support for Coinbase into its web and mobile products. This will give users the option to track their Bitcoin holdings alongside traditional accounts like banks and credit cards. Your Coinbase balance and transactions will appear in Mint like any other account, but it will reflect the changing value of Bitcoin over time as well.

Bitcoin is an online cryptocurrency that can be used completely anonymously to buy digital goods, and even some physical items at select retailers. While it is still not accepted widely, interest in the magical internet money has skyrocketed in the last year. The value of a single Bitcoin has gone from $20 to nearly $1000 (£606).

Coinbase aims to make using Bitcoin a bit more simple and secure, which is definitely something the currency could use. There have been a number of high profile hacks and thefts of Bitcoin wallets, but partnering with Mint lends credence to Coinbase and makes it easier for users to track their wallet balance.

Adding a Coinbase account to Mint requires you to jump through a few hoops. After signing in you need to get the API key from Coinbase and add it to Mint—not much different than getting a special code from your bank to log into Mint. The Mint app is available for free.

In the UK this month, the first ever Bitcoin insurance policy was offered by a London firm.