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PS4 is selling 1.5 times more units than the Xbox One in the UK

The PlayStation brand continues to strengthen, and according to UK Managing Director Fergal Gara, the PlayStation held no less than 40 per cent of the UK console and handheld market last year.

That’s almost doubled from two years ago, when the brand held 23 per cent of the market, PlayStation LifeStyle reported.

Gara, who was talking at a UK event yesterday, also noted that matters were even brighter on the console-only side of the coin, with Sony’s market share for 2013 at 47 per cent – making it the leading console. Again, that was up considerably from 32 per cent.

1.5 PlayStation 4 units are being sold for every Xbox One in the UK, which is a pretty impressive lead for Sony.

Of course, we’d already heard that Sony was ahead, having shifted 4.2 million units globally as of 28 December 2013 – compared to the Xbox One’s 3 million. Again, that roughly bears out the 50 per cent more sales for Sony line.

Gara noted: “Sales surpassed all of our dreams. Our biggest job in the opening weeks was securing volume. We’re still not in stock at retail and we continue to work on that and we’re very, very pleased with the results.”

None of this is any great surprise, though, when you consider that Microsoft has been on the back foot since the pre-launch campaign, where the company made a number of bad calls and subsequent U-turns on policies such as always-on Internet and the Kinect.

The fact that the Xbox costs £80 more has hardly helped the cause, and neither have various reports of the PS4’s superior graphical prowess and frame rates. The Xbox One has its own strengths, certainly, in terms of media and Kinect control, and what some see as a superior games line-up.

Also, Microsoft’s console has been slower to release across the globe, with the PS4 hitting the shelves in more countries, and that hasn’t helped overall numbers.

But the pure cost of the console was always going to be a real thorn in Microsoft’s side – which is why rumours of a Kinect-less Xbox One package are now swirling around and grabbing attention.

Of course, before we paint too gloomy a picture, the Xbox One is still selling darn well – just not as well as the PS4.

And interestingly, in the UK the Xbox 360 is actually outselling the PS3 by 1.51 units to 1, so the picture is completely reversed there.