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Rumour: ASUS tentatively steps onto the smartwatch bandwagon in 2014

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There are more smartwatches on the market now than you could shake your wrist at, but Asus are unperturbed by the increasingly saturated market. They’re planning to cash in in on the smartwatch trend in 2014, launching its first ever wearable device at the Computex trade fair in June.

The Taiwanese PC maker told investors in November at its end of year party that Asus would put its “entire design thought” into the development of a wearable product.

“There are actually many challenges in this area” reportedly said company chairman Jonney Shih, “I don’t think products that lack special feautres will be useful. We’ll try and replace your watch by all means.”

According to


, the news comes from website Focus Taiwan, who was also told by Shih that the device would be available this year and would be a “distinctive” wearable.

So distinctive in fact, that it might even feature a necklace style option, according to reports. Keep your eyes peeled in 2014 to see if the rumours prove true.

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