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Rumour: Galaxy S5 will have a nifty 2560×1440 quad HD display

Get ready for higher resolution AMOLED displays from Samsung, because the Galaxy S5 will likely be the first of a better breed.

Samsung phones, particularly their flagships, are always packed with some of the best display tech available. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the company has decided it is time to move away from lowly 1080p tech and start focusing on something a little higher. According to notorious smartphone leak ninja EVLeaks, Samsung has set their sights on a quad HD display for the Galaxy S5. Not to be confused with qHD (960 × 540), the 2560 × 1440 resolution display will likely be the first of several to be released this year as at least one other company has revealed intent to hit that resolution with their next phone.

Perhaps less interesting than the display resolution is the leak that included a look at an Android APK labeled fingerprintservice.apk. At first glance, this would lead one to believe that the Galaxy S5 will have something that involves fingerprints onboard. After Apple announced TouchID it was expected that the other big names in mobile would try their hand at fingerprint recognition again. Samsung looks like the next company on the list with a scanner tucked away somewhere near their incredibly high resolution display, as long as you only look at this APK and nowhere else. In truth, the Galaxy Note 3 had the APK as well, and there's no fingerprint sensor on that phone at all.

Samsung still has quite a while before the Galaxy S5 is expected to be launched, though recent rumours suggest it will be launched in the UK in mid-March. While no photos have shown up for either the plastic or the metallic versions of the phone, it's only a matter of time before we see something from blurrycam world that whips everyone into an even greater frenzy. The hunt for the next great Android phone is on, and Samsung is likely to make quite the splash this year.