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Android 4.4 KitKat adoption is just 1.4 per cent

The latest figures showing which version of Android that device owners are running have just been released, and KitKat adoption has only reached 1.4 per cent.

It’s far from uncommon for the latest and greatest version of Android to see a relatively slow uptake, though, as network operators and manufacturers are rarely quick to push the updated OS through to users’ handsets, sadly. The “f” word – that’s fragmentation – is something Android has long suffered from.

The data – spotted by Maximum PC and collected from the week running up to 8 January – is drawn from the Android developer website (via the Google Play store app), and it shows that KitKat is barely ahead of Froyo, with the latter on 1.3 per cent.

The vast majority of users are now on Jelly Bean, with 35.9 per cent on version 4.1.x, 15.4 per cent on 4.2.x, and 7.8 per cent on version 4.3. In total, that’s 59 per cent of Android devices which are running Jelly Bean.

Gingerbread (Android 2.3.x) is behind Jelly Bean on 21.2 per cent, and Ice Cream Sandwich is on 16.9 per cent.

When it was first unleashed, Jelly Bean certainly spread itself far more quickly than KitKat – this time last year, Jelly Bean was on 10.2 per cent of Android devices already.

At least the good news about having to wait for the latest version of an OS is that more of the bugs will have been ironed out by the time you’re running it. But that’s not much consolation for most folks…

However, Google does have plans to try to combat the dreaded spectre of OS fragmentation, which we discuss in this feature about the future unified face of Android.