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Apple’s iWatch could utilise wireless charging

More speculation concerning Apple’s potential upcoming smartwatch is doing the rounds, with the latest from the rumour mill suggesting that Cupertino is exploring wireless charging tech.

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Apple is apparently testing a method to charge up the iWatch battery wirelessly via magnetic induction, a “person briefed on the product” told the New York Times.

Furthermore, the NYT’s sources also talk about other new charging methods for the future, including adding a solar charging layer to the watch’s display, and letting sunlight top the battery up during the day.

Apple is still very much in the experimental stage in terms of solar, though, so don’t expect the iWatch to be a sun guzzler in its first iteration – if the device ever comes out at all, of course!

At the moment, Apple seems to be observing the smartwatch market, and as usual waiting for the right moment to pounce and unleash its premium iGadget. If indeed the right moment ever arrives, which in this case is unclear. Smartwatches are currently very much a niche tech product, although makers such as Pebble are trying to make the gadgets more attractive with the likes of the more nattily designed Pebble Steel (which we took for a hands-on spin – or should that be wrist-on – at CES).

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If the iWatch is due this year or next, wireless charging certainly seems like a good bet to us, though. It’s a neat extra, and something smartphone manufacturers have been pushing forward with – look at the likes of Nokia and its Lumia handsets, and Google with the Nexus wireless charger.