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Pebble app store to roll out on iOS today

We first heard that the Pebble smartwatch would be getting its own official app outlet at the end of last year, and today the app store goes live for iOS.

The folks at Pebble have been busy getting everything finalised and ship-shape over the weekend, as they noted in a tweet: “Putting finishing touches on the Pebble appstore over the weekend – check us out on Monday! Looking good so far.”

According to Trusted Reviews, the Pebble app store will spring into life at 10:00 PST, which is 18:00 over here – so we’ve only got a couple of hours to wait now. Pebble owners will be able to access the store directly from the Pebble iOS app, and download apps straight to their device.

The layout of the store will be pretty much what you’d expect – the apps are sorted in various categories (including games, fitness, tools and utilities), and certain apps are highlighted picks.

You might well be asking: Where is the Android version of the app store? Well, it’s still not quite ready yet, but word is that it will be available soon enough, as you’d hope.

While smartwatches have failed to make much of an impact thus far – in terms of broad consumer appeal anyway – the Pebble is the one that has stirred the most interest among gadget fans, far more so than the likes of Samsung’s clunky Galaxy Gear. And with the Pebble Steel, a smarter looking smartwatch, set to ship later this month, further momentum could be gained.