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Rocketing PlayStation Plus subscriptions send Sony bosses cartwheeling

In the Neolithic era – otherwise known as the days of the PS3 – the chances of seeing an online player with a yellow Plus sign next to their profile picture were slim. The arrival of the PS4 has changed all that; Sony has revealed a rapid spike in PlayStation Plus subscribers since the launch of its popular next-gen console.

At Sony's London press conference that announced the arrival of the PlayStation Vita Slim, handheld gaming wasn't the only topic of discussion. Sony UK boss Fergal Gara took a moment from proceedings to unveil a graph highlighting the dramatic snowballing effect in PS+'s subscription rate.

So why are so many customers now supersizing their online experience? We'd guess that since more and more games are developed to include an online multiplayer element, the fact that the PS4 requires users to be official members before they can partake in such virtual fun would have something to do with it.

Still, our money's also on the fact that PS+ members are also blessed with access to the Instant Game Collection, offering users a smorgasbord of "free" titles to play. For February, these include Outlast on the PS4, Metro: Last Light and Remember Me on the PS3, and Street Fighter X Tekken on the PS Vita.

Whilst no official numbers were revealed by Gara in the London presentation, the graph itself shows a demonstrably gargantuan surge that coincides with the PS4 launch, and so far it shows no sign of stopping.

What do you think of PlayStation Plus? Has your gaming experience improved since crossing over? Or are you adamantly holding off against it?