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Preview of the Thecus N2310: NAS with a PowerPC processor


Intel and ARM basically own the NAS market when it comes to the processor inside. The high-end deluxe NAS devices are built around Intel chips and the more affordable models have ARM processors. Thecus has taken a completely different approach with their N2310, because it runs on PowerPC architecture. We tested the NAS to see how that decision turned out.

Thecus is manufacturer of NAS devices in the higher segment. They tend to use the latest technology, and was the first to make a NAS with the Intel Evansport processor last year. That N2520 was also the first NAS from Thecus to run on the Thecus OS6 operating system, which you will also find on the NAS we're looking at today.

Behind Thecus there is a relatively large community that contributes a large number of apps for its NAS devices, and you can tell that even for a brand-new product such as the N2310 people are working hard on new apps. However, Thecus is still generally considered a somewhat less refined brand than Synology, Netgear and QNAP. By that we mean the quality of the translations and how certain features work.


The N2310 is clearly positioned lower than the N2520 and that's also reflected by its £118 pricetag. That amount of money buys you a nicely designed NAS with some very practical features. It has the appearance of a robust and professional product, even if it feels pretty light when there's no hard disks inside. That's because it's made entirely in plastic.

All connectors all located in the back, in the front you have the power button and a USB copy button. The two disk also go in plastic trays in the back. The connectors consists of USB 3.0, USB 2.0, gigabit Ethernet and the power plug.

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