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AllCast returns - and this time with Google's support

Google only opened up the Cast API yesterday, but developers are already getting their apps ready to go. One of the first out of the gate is noted developer Koushik Dutta (Koush) with his app AllCast.

As of today, Chromecast support is built into AllCast so you can beam pictures, audio, and video direct to Google's HDMI dongle.

This app was released as an early alpha several months ago (known as AirCast at the time) with Chromecast support enabled. Koush had managed to work around Google's beta SDK, not using any of the official pieces, so he figured that was safe to release. Apparently not. Google shut down AllCast's access within days. Now that everything is done on Mountain View's end, AllCast is back.

AllCast was released in the interim with streaming support for Roku and AppleTV devices, so Chromecast is just one more streaming option. However, it's probably one of the most popular streaming options being only $35 (£21) for the hardware.

Upon opening AllCast, the app finds all the compatible streaming devices on your network.

Tap on the one you want, then choose the content you want to stream from the tabs. It can be any locally stored image, sound, or video file. It should only take a few moments to get a video buffered and up on the screen, and it plays well after that.

Keep in mind you must have the newest version of Google Play Services on your device, which should be installed in the background in the coming days, if not already.

The free version of the app will only stream for 1 minute at a time—it's a way to test functionality. The pro license costs $4.99 (£3) and removes that restriction.