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HP Autonomy unleashes eDiscovery service in the cloud

HP Autonomy has extended its eDiscovery platform with a new cloud-based offering called eDiscovery OnDemand.

The idea is to provide an easy and wallet-friendly way for legal firms and SMBs to access the eDiscovery platform, taking everything to the cloud but keeping the environment secure.

The eDiscovery application is used for responding to legal matters and investigations, and can conduct case assessments, ascertain risk exposure, and deal with other matters relating to litigation.

eDiscovery OnDemand is delivered by HP Autonomy’s private cloud, and the company notes that the private cloud is given regular third-party audits of personnel and security, which isn’t necessarily the case with other eDiscovery vendors.

This cloud-based offering also boasts time-saving features such as pre-prepared templates and workflows, along with swift on-demand document uploads, and analytics based on HP IDOL technology.

Alan Winchester, partner at Harris Beach, a New York-based law firm, commented: “Software-as-a-Service offerings like this one empower legal professionals to focus on managing the eDiscovery process and analysing and reviewing information. For firms without robust IT departments, it grants them the experts to manage the technology operations and security.”

Mike Sullivan, general manager, eDiscovery and Information Archiving at HP Autonomy, added: “Organisations are rethinking how they perform eDiscovery and are increasingly looking to cloud-based technologies to take advantage of the simplicity, economies of scale, efficiency and security that these solutions offer.”