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Minority Report technology becomes reality with Dizmo Kickstarter

Whether you really loved Minority Report, or you just relish the opportunity of invading an office via a virtually controlled robot, a Kickstarter campaign has just launched that may spark your interest. Dizmo is raising $25,000 to engineer a technology that allows users to interact with any advanced display or digital surface.

Dizmo software aims to provide intuitive, easy access between all our digital gizmos (see what they did there?) during real time collaboration. It's a form of interface interaction that has become a beloved staple of the sci-fi scene from as far back as 2001: A Space Odyssey. Now the software behind Dizmo has made the fiction reality, allowing simulations, charts, images, websites and videos to be manipulated simultaneously across multiple devices.

"While hardware performance continues to grow, today's software feel inadequate in comparison," explained Dizmo's founder, CEO and CTO Matthias Aebi. "The traditional use of icons on a desktop screen was invented in the 70s and 80s, and we want to create something that brings digital content into 2014 in a natural and intuitive way. Dizmo is an ideal tool for both consumers and developers, providing a multitasking and versatile environment that connects your digital life as part of the Smart Home and Internet of Things."

Dizmo is an ideal tool for workgroup collaboration, whether in the boardroom, classroom or even the living room at home. The zoomable interface provides an infinite digital space that unifies multiple digital applications whilst allowing users to synchronise, move and share Dizmos between various devices – even if the device is in a completely different location.

Developers can also benefit, with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi being connected by the service which can run on any standard OS, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. To donate, visit the company's Kickstarter page.