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Arrow and Flexiant get together to provide new cloud services solution

Flexiant, a provider of cloud orchestration software, has partnered up with Arrow ECS UK to deliver an all-encompassing solution of hardware and software to enable any given service provider to launch a cloud service with a minimum of fuss.

Cloud Pro reports that Arrow will provide high performance hardware, combined with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, and the focus will be on getting customers up and running with their service quickly – within days, apparently – and having a system with impressive scalability for the future.

The idea is not just to get customers launched swiftly, but also to provide the technology to resell services effectively.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has been validated on the IBM Flex System.

George Knox, CEO of Flexiant, commented: "To develop this offering, Arrow was instrumental in enabling Flexiant software to be installed, tested and verified at the IBM Innovation Centre in the UK. The technical teams were astounded at the speed with which we installed the software, in a matter of hours.”

He added: “Having verified our technologies, we can continue to offer service providers hardware choice as they seek to generate more revenue and accelerate growth, compete more effectively by developing unique, differentiated services and lead the market through innovation.”