Barts Health NHS Trust brings in new cloud-based management system

Barts Health, which is England’s largest NHS Trust, has made a move skywards, replacing six individual employee management systems with a fresh cloud-based system provided by Allocate Software.

Cloud Pro reports that the new system will help ensure that wards are staffed appropriately, and will oversee everything from staff absence to payroll issues. It will replace a wide range of various tracking and staff roster tools in one fell swoop.

The current system uses spreadsheets and paper records, and the new system should be far more streamlined, and allow the Trust to cut back on employing agency staff, and increase the level of permanent staff members to 95 per cent.

The Allocate HealthSuite software includes modules such as HealthRoster and HealthMedics. Allocate claims that HealthRoster, for example, is the UK’s most popular e-rostering solution, and it’s used in over 60 per cent of NHS Trusts.

The company notes: “HealthRoster is the only solution capable of delivering intelligent, end-to-end staff management based on one consolidated view of all staff groups and all staff types, whether substantive, bank or agency.”

Michael Pantlin, director of human resources at Barts Health NHS Trust, commented: “The trust believes its employees, our staff, are our most valuable resource. By integrating how we manage staff and patient numbers across our hospitals we will have greater visibility and control of our staff groups, ensuring we have the right staff to care for patients in the right place and at the right time.

“The online software will also give teams instant access to real-time staffing levels, patient numbers and the acuity and care needs of these patients, as well as schedules of clinical activity such as clinics and theatres.”