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Google must shift its San Francisco barge due to improper permits

Remember the Google barge which floats mysteriously in San Francisco Bay? Well, Google has reportedly been told to move the barge because the firm doesn’t have the right permits.

The barge, which boasts a four-storey construction atop its deck, first caused a stir last October, when folks speculated that it could be anything from a floating data centre to a mobile waterborne Google Glass store.

Google quickly made it clear that the company was actually “exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology.” Although Google mysteriously added that it was still early days for the vessel, and that could change.

What will change now, by the looks of things, is the location of the barge, as the BBC reports that the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission has noted that the vessel’s documentation isn’t correct, and it will need to be shifted. According to a commission official, Google will have to move the floating enigma to a nearby construction facility where it’s permitted to be moored.

Google won’t be slapped with any fines, however, as it had secured approval for the barge from TIDA, the Treasure Island Development Authority (who will be in for a fiscal wrist-slap, by all accounts).

We suspect Google still hasn’t actually decided what the barge will really be – but it’s not going to do much tucked away in a shipyard, that’s for sure.