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Microsoft prepares to unleash Xbox One system updates

Microsoft is set to push out a couple of Xbox One system updates very shortly – in fact, one will arrive next week, bringing some much requested bits of functionality to the console.

Of course, Redmond is painfully aware that it’s currently losing the sales battle with the PlayStation 4, so it isn’t surprising to see the company acting on customer feedback with some alacrity.

The biggest instalment of juicy additions is set to land next Tuesday, 11 February, and will include the ability for Xbox One owners to see the details of their used storage space, and better manage the hard drive as a result. Improved management for the download queue is also promised.

Another feature that’s coming is one we requested in our 4 suggestions for improvements to the Xbox One – namely, a battery life indicator, which will be displayed on the home screen. Now you’ll know when you’re about to run out of juice, with no nasty surprise cut-outs in the midst of a crucial gaming moment.

Support for USB keyboards is also being added, along with a lot of behind-the-curtain tweaks to benefit game (and app) developers.

Finally, tweaks to Kinect’s voice recognition are incoming, and there’ll be a few more surprises which Microsoft is keeping back for now.

Next month – on the 4 March to be precise – will see a second update that’s all about preparing the Xbox One for the much-anticipated Titanfall shooter (which is released the following week). This will bring a lot of tweaks and fresh features to the multiplayer and party systems of Microsoft’s console.

Microsoft is certainly hoping that Titanfall will make a massive mech-footprint-shaped dent in the gaming landscape, and start persuading folks to bet on Redmond rather than Sony.