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Stuck in traffic? Google's new Maps update will find you a faster route

We can pretty much all agree that being stuck in traffic is terrible, right? Well, we have some good news. Google wants to help you outsmart gridlock, and save some time on the roads with a useful new Maps feature for iOS.

The Web giant this week rolled out an update to Maps for iOS, which will give you more information about traffic right when you need it, allowing you to avoid a dreaded bumper-to-bumper situation. When you're in Navigation mode, the app will now alert you when a faster route to your destination is available.

The app may tell you, for instance, that there's traffic up ahead, and you can save 10 minutes by taking a different way. From there, you'll have the option to reroute, or you can select "no, thanks" to continue on your potentially not-so-merry way.

The feature is, of course, only available in areas where navigation is supported. The update brings the iOS version of the app up to speed with its Android equivalent, which received the same feature last month.

The latest feature comes after Google back in August added real-time incident reports from its newly acquired crowd-sourced traffic app Waze to its Maps apps. This means that when Waze users report accidents, construction, road closures, and other incidents, the information now appears in the Google Maps apps for Android and iOS.

Google bought Waze last June for a reported $1.3 billion (£800 million). Since then, the Waze product development team has been operating separately from its home base in Israel.