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The reasons why your business should try hosted email security

Email is a mission critical application for businesses of all sizes. Too often though, spam, malware attachments, and other threats overwhelm traditional email security implementations, taking down the mail server.

When this happens, your employees aren't able to work and your business takes a significant productivity hit. To meet this challenge in tough economic times, many companies are turning to hosted email security to supplement their on-premise solutions.

There are three main benefits companies get when they add hosted email security to their IT security portfolio. Hosted email security does not require any maintenance by onsite IT staff and no hardware need be purchased. For one fixed price per user, you gain unlimited email scanning capacity – and the solution is continuously tuned and updated by your security vendor to maintain and maximise its effectiveness.

In addition, spam, email-based viruses and other threats are stopped before they reach the network, and mail server resources and network bandwidth are reclaimed.

So, to summarise, hosted email security provides you with many benefits:

  • No demands on your IT staff and no local hardware
  • One fixed price per user gives you unlimited email scanning capacity
  • The solution is continuously tuned and updated by your security vendor
  • Spam, email-based viruses and other threats stop before they reach you
  • Reduced overhead means lower costs for mail servers and network bandwidth

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