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10 tech Valentine's Day gifts for him 2014

Let's face it, times are a changing. Wearable tech is turning everyone into Borg clones, the move to ultra HD 4K video is in full swing and displays are getting curvier than Marilyn Monroe's reflection in a fun house mirror. So it makes sense that the things we want to buy – and more importantly the things we want bought for us – are evolving.

No longer do we think that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, for instance. This is largely because better science education taught us that is a terrible biological design, but it's also down to the fact that if you said you were buying a man an Apple he'd be very disappointed if you pulled out a Granny Smith instead of a smartphone.

So here's a list of ten ideas to get his tech-loving heart pumping this 14 February.

Personalised QR Code Keyring

The beauty of this gift is that sometimes it's hard to sum up how you feel about someone in a few sentences scrawled in a card. The messages embedded in a QR code, however, can be a lot more elaborate.

The makers of this keyring can hide within the code anything from a love letter, map co-ordinates of a first date or romantic place to meet that day, a link to a special website or blog or even business card details. All the recipient need do is scan the code with their smartphone, and their unique message from you will be displayed.

Price: £35

One of the biggest criticisms of wearable tech at the moment is that it's not stylish – but clearly the critics haven't seen these USB CUFFLINKS. Packing 2GB of storage each, these tiny devices look seemingly ordinary until you unclip the lid, allowing your other half to carry round all their important documents securely in style.

Price: £56.99

Impress Coffee Brewer

If your partner needs a regular caffeine kick to keep them going, there's no better present than the Impress Coffee Brewer. A Kickstarter success that's just recently made the leap to Europe, it's designed like a travel mug but with a micro-filter and triple-walled insulation so you can make a 400ml cup of delicious filter coffee on the go in under three minutes.

Price: £29.99

Personalised Gadget Bag

You've heard of the man drawer, and you've heard of the man bag – but what if you combined the two? Enter the Gadget Bag, a handy carry case for all the wires, USB sticks, adapters and chargers collected over the years. Available in a choice of sizes, Sparks Clothing can print a drawstring bag with a personalised message on the front in a variety of colours for under a tenner, making this a unique and cheap gift for those whose pennies are feeling pinched.

Price: £7.50

NikeFuel Band

For the fitness fanatic, NikeFuel is an exercise must have. Every workout you do, from a session at the gym to your walk to work or a night out dancing is logged and recorded by the bracelet device, allowing it to track every step of your active life. The result is a personalised report of not only how much you move, but how often and how intensely, giving real-time feedback, reminders and insights to help you exercise better. If your other half needs more motivation to keep up with their fitness New Year's Resolution, this is the perfect first step.

Price: £180

Vintage "Tech" A3 Print

What do you get the techie who has everything? Their pockets bulge with the latest smartphone, their desk groans under the weight of the latest laptop withal its accessories and their wrist is firmly enclosed by the best smartwatch money can buy. Maybe it's time for them to remember the technology of yesteryear, courtesy of this artistic print that celebrates how far we've come in beautifully understated monochrome. And with a choice of a frame to boot.

Price: £21

Create a SCVNGR hunt

Scvngr is an app that allows you to create and design personal scavenger hunts for your other half to complete either by themselves or with you. Have him retrace the steps of your first date and find a bottle of wine under the bench where you first kissed, or make tin foil origami at the Burrito restaurant where you both met. At each location you can set challenges or leave a surprise, making this gift less about the material and more about the memories.

Price: Free, available on iOS and Android

Bluetooth beanie hat

A hat designed to keep the head warm and the feet tapping, this wireless Bluetooth beanie has two dual dynamic sound speakers hidden inside its fabric alongside a tiny covert microphone. It means your partner can both listen to music and take calls on the go via their smartphone - ideal for if they run, ski or simply hate overhearing commuter chit chat on the number 28 every morning.

Price: £34.95

Walnut Click Clock

If your other half constantly complains that their bedside clock is too bright, illuminating their bedroom with a constantly blinking digital glow, a Click Clock may be the solution. By clicking their fingers or gently tapping the bedside table, the full time and calendar will appear on the clock's walnut face, otherwise it remains unobtrusively dark. Handsome and wire free, it could make for a more unusual present this Valentine's Day.

Price: £69.99

Personalised mobile cases

You shouldn't judge an iPhone by its cover, but the simple truth is that a phone case says a lot about its owner. Say something to your partner this Valentines by buying them a personalised case with a picture of you both on the front, or a photo of one of your favourite places. can create personalised covers for Kindles, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and Samsung smartphones – all you need do is send the photo and they'll make it up for you within days.

Price: Depends on the device