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TechHub opens bright new office on Silicon Roundabout

TechHub has brightened up Silicon Roundabout in London, opening a new office which makes a multi-coloured statement – an entire floor of 207 Old Street being lit by a rainbow of colours along its length (see the above image).

TechHub, which was founded back in 2010 by Elizabeth Varley and Mike Butcher, is an expanding community of startups and tech entrepreneurs, offering them flexible office space, workshops, events, and all manner of advice on matters such as promotions and the media.

TechHub claims that its companies have raised some $200 million (£125 million) in funding, with Nexmo – a comms company based in the new building on Old Street – achieving a recent $18 million (£11 million) success.

In terms of design, TechHub has tried to create some considerable impact here, with the multi-coloured internal lighting, along with bold colours and graphics throughout. The floor comprises of flexible team suites, which can scale with a startup, along with sizeable community areas.

Henry Firth, founder of PingTune, a music messaging app, enthused: “The PingTune team is growing fast. We have grown from one person to 20 in less than a year. TechHub have helped by providing flexible workspaces as we grow, so we can focus on building an exceptional product. And working in this startup community has helped us to attract great talent.”

Elizabeth Varley, TechHub’s co-founder & CEO, commented: “TechHub Old Street is a clear demonstration of how strong design works with the energetic and dynamic nature of TechHub’s startup culture and the lightning speed of the tech industry. It’s a perfect example of how companies can rapidly and affordably transform a space to work for a vibrant community.”

TechHub already has a number of sites across the UK, Latvia, and Romania, with further expansion planned in Germany and India, and other locations to be announced later this year.

Image Credit: SwanOwl