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The CloudStore will be replaced by the Government Digital Marketplace

The CloudStore, the portal via which customers can search for, filter and ultimately select G-Cloud services, is to be given the elbow and replaced by the “Government Digital Marketplace” (though that name may change yet).

This move is detailed in a tender document from Crown Commercial Service, which was spotted by Cloud Pro. Apparently the CloudStore has been a victim of its own success, and it’s currently approaching the maximum capacity it was designed to deal with.

Therefore it needs to be developed and expanded into a new and more robust system to cope with the future rollout plans of the GDS (Government Digital Service), which are expected to increase traffic considerably.

The tender states that: “The G-Cloud team intends to extend the feature set of – and broaden the number of frameworks covered by – the CloudStore (it will become the Government Digital Marketplace); it is perceived that this work would be risky to undertake with the current codebase, and may not be technically possible.”

Interestingly, this move comes following complaints about the CloudStore, made by a number of suppliers who observed that too many vendor companies offering no actual cloud services are allowed on board. Perhaps the new Government Digital Marketplace will include a strategy for dealing with such interlopers.