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BT introduces nuisance call blocking Android smartphone for the home

BT has launched the Home SmartPhone S, an Android touchscreen smartphone for home landlines that offers potent spam call blocking facilities.

The Home SmartPhone S has a 3.5in touchscreen, and will hook up to your Wi-Fi to allow for web browsing, social networking, and the downloading of apps and games via the Opera apps store. Users will have 2GB of storage to fill, which can be expanded.

Nuisance call blocking is one of the main selling points BT is pushing, with the phone apparently allowing owners to block up to 80 per cent of unwanted calls (unknown callers, withheld and international numbers can be stopped).

BT has had some success with its BT6500, which was the first landline phone to block spam and other nuisance callers.

The Home SmartPhone S also has a front-facing camera, and it runs Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).

Erik Raphael, Director of BT Wi-Fi and Devices, said: “The new BT Home SmartPhone S allows customers to enjoy the features they would expect from a smartphone combined with the great features of a BT home phone, including nuisance call blocking to put them back in control of who they want to speak to. The Home SmartPhone S makes the home phone central to family life again, allowing you to look up numbers online and communicate with friends and family via email, Facebook or calls.”

If you want one, it will set you back £134 direct from BT (stock is expected to arrive in a couple of days).