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Exercise physiologist job listing is a further hint at Apple’s iWatch

Yesterday, Apple published – and then swiftly pulled – a job listing for an “exercise physiologist” which could be connected to the potential future iWatch.

9 to 5 Mac spotted the listing while it was up, and handily copied it before the post disappeared.

The job summary stated that Cupertino would want someone to: “Design and run user studies related to cardiovascular fitness & energy expenditure, including calories burned, metabolic rate, aerobic fitness level measurement/tracking and other key physiological measurements.”

Of course, that isn’t necessarily anything to do with an Apple smartwatch – but this posting rather confirms that the company is set on some manner of health and fitness product.

The fact that the job ad was swiftly pulled down also seems to indicate some sensitivity over the issue, which would tally with Apple potentially wanting to keep its big smartwatch secret quiet.

An iWatch would hook up to the iPhone and relay physical fitness measurements and data. Indeed, 9 to 5 Mac also recently reported on a new Healthbook app for iOS 8, which is apparently designed to monitor all sorts of vital statistics from heart rate to hydration levels – data that could be supplied by the iWatch.

None of this is any real surprise, given that digital health and fitness is becoming an increasingly important sector, as we noted at CES this year – see our piece on the most important health and fitness tech trends from the show.

Cupertino is doubtless pushing in this direction, though whether the iWatch will be part of this grand scheme, only time will tell (if you’ll pardon the terrible pun).

Apple has recently hired medical tech experts, as we reported last month – and another, Roy J.E.M Raymann, has been picked up from Philips Research since then – pouring more fuel onto the iWatch fire.