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Toshiba unleashes its first Chromebook in the UK

Toshiba is now officially in the Chromebook game in the UK, having announced that its 13.3in Chromebook will be on sale next Monday.

The Inquirer spotted the shiny new laptop on pre-order at Amazon, where it has been priced at £249, with the expected wallet-friendliness of a notebook running Google’s cloud-friendly OS.

Finished in silver, the Toshiba Chromebook’s 13.3in screen has a resolution of 1,366 x 768, and it’s a pretty portable device, being 20mm thick and weighing in at 1.5kg.

The 13.3in laptop is powered by an Intel Celeron ULT processor running at 1.4GHz, and it has 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD for local storage (backed up with 100GB of cloud storage on Google Drive).

There’s nothing to get particularly excited about with the hardware, in other words – it’s all pretty much standard for a Chromebook – but this model is quite a slick looking laptop, as we noted when we got some hands-on time with it at CES last month.

Matt McDowell, Marketing Director of Lifestyle Products at Toshiba Europe, commented: “It’s an all-in, fast and user-friendly Chrome OS device – which makes it ideal for everyone from business professionals looking for new ways of working, to consumers who already use the cloud, to students looking for a light, fashionable and affordable device.”

“Every kind of customer has the flexibility to move seamlessly from editing documents to browsing or playing apps either online or offline. It becomes really easy when the data is always accessible, upgrades are automatic, and all your web essentials are to hand.”