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10 tech Valentine's Day gift ideas for her 2014

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but iPads are a girl's best friend. And smartphones. And laptops. And games consoles with AMD next-generation GPUs.

Welcome to the 21st century, where sometimes a bunch of roses and a box of M&S chocolates are just not enough. This Valentine's Day, give her something she really wants. Like one of the following:

Personalised QR code necklace

Shake up the traditional necklace with a modern day twist. This pendant can be inscribed with a special QR code unique to your loved one. Once you've created your own code, you can upload it to Zazzle where they'll inscribe it onto a pendant necklace, so whatever message, pictures, poem, album or even bespoke webpage can be carried safely by her heart.

Price: £27.20

Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon is playing cupid this year by knocking £30 off of its Kindle Fire HDX tablet. The 7in eReader features a stunning HDX display, a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor, twice the memory, up to 11 hours of battery life as well as the revolutionary "Mayday" button for on-device tech support. With it, your partner will have access to over 27 million songs, books, games, films, TV shows, audio books and magazines. Trust me, that little X on the end of HD is a symbol of that grateful kiss you'll be sure to receive as the wrapping's ripped off.

Price: £169 (Until February 10th)

Her very own website

Sure you could name a star after her, but what's the use of a ball of burning gas? Be truly romantic and name a website after her, putting pictures, e-cards, videos and other memorable moments on it on the process. GoDaddy is the one-stop shop for domain names and hosting services and can have you fully set up in no time at all.

Price: Varied

Customised touch iPhone or iPad gloves

It's February, and we all know that means two things: 1. Arctic winds will turn your fingers blue if you don't wear gloves, 2. If you do wear gloves, attempting to operate your touchscreen devices will turn you into a Neanderthal jabbing hopelessly at an unresponsive screen.

Save your love from this fate by customising her favourite pair of handwarmers with two special rubber tips. The nifty nibs will make sure that even with the thickest pair of woolly gloves, the glossy glass will have no choice but to obey her every command.

Price: £18

QR code card

If you wanted to be subtly romantic in the old days, you would have written a card cunningly crafted with a secret code only your true love could understand. Littered with in-jokes and "remember that time when"-s, it would have been in a secret language only she could decipher. Well this is 2014, so do all that by all means, but do it with a QR code.

This card from Posh Totty Designs allows you to craft a personalised card with a secret message QR code written inside that's sure to send any techie's heart a flutter.

Price: £5

"Code to my heart" art print

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not say what you want to say with art? This "Code to my heart" print is the perfect gift for the creative tech lover, with a customisable option allowing you to tell her just how strong your feelings for her are in the ultimate love language: binary code.

The print can be unframed, or framed in one of three wooden finishes (black, white or natural oak) behind a handcut mount and glass.

Price: £29

Spotify subscription

Subscription gifts are incredibly in vogue at the moment, and what better way to celebrate your other half's love of music than with a subscription to online music player Spotify? Subscribing gives unlimited access to a vast bank of tunes from all genres and eras, with premium membership also able to listen to unlimited tracks from anymobile device.

If you're feeling extra creative, you could even set up her account and craft her first playlist with songs special to you both.

Price: £10 - £30

iPad or iPad mini charging stand

Who wears the trousers in your relationship? Whatever the answer, this is a gift that will put her firmly in charge. Or at least her iPad / iPad mini.. The Oak and Rope company's stylish stand comes in three sizes: small, medium and large to fit most Apple tablet designs. Notably, it is also one of the few stands on the market to charge iPads even when their covers are on.

The clincher is the customisation option though. The stand can be inscribed with just "I'm in charge", or for a more witty option, the name of your partner followed by "in charge".

Price: £35.00

Bluetooth earmuffs

Wearable tech walks a fine line between fashion and function, often veering dangerously over to the latter at the expense of the former. These Bluetooth earmuffs, however, are proof that the two can marry perfectly. Two 0.25w speakers are hidden inside the padded earmuffs, providing discreet, comfy listening on the go. You can even take calls through the Bluetooth set up when it's linked to your smartphone.

Best of all, Red5 are selling it with £10 off its original asking price - be romantic and economical.

Price: £29.95

Knomo laptop handbag

Sometimes an ordinary handbag just won't do, especially if you're lugging around your expensive business laptop. Knomo is a world famous manufacturer of high-quality luggage specifically designed for the stylish techie, with this Andromeda grey leather shoulder bag being no exception.

Able to carry any laptop up to 13in in diameter, it also comes with a large external quilted flap pocket at front with sections within for keys, her phone, make up or books along with hidden internal pockets for safe storage. Available in smooth grey or classic black, it's a pricey gift, but with its two-year warranty will be sure to become a wardrobe staple.

Price: £295

Smartphone charger case

Sure, a phone charger is not the most romantic gift in the world.... Or is it? Both a charger and a smartphone cover, this is a case that wraps snugly round her mobile device in a perpetual hug, shielding it from harm as its everlasting protector. This particular case also doubles as a mobile charger, a constant battery pack that sends your smartphone roaring back to life if the battery bar dwindles dangerously into the red. Naw.

Mophie are market leaders in this space, and have a wide range of chargers to fit most smartphones.

Price: Depends on device.