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Weekend Roundup: Microsoft crowns Satya Nadella new CEO, Facebook turns 10, and expansion in London's Tech City

Microsoft finally fills CEO hot seat

News that Microsoft has concluded its search for a new CEO and handed the reins to company insider Satya Nadella isn't just one of the biggest stories of the week – it's one of the most important stories of the year. The mild-mannered Nadella is the polar opposite of predecessor Steve Ballmer, whose larger-than-life personality and occasionally bizarre antics made him an easy figure to ridicule and sometimes detracted from his successes.

A former head of the company's enterprise and cloud services unit, Nadella's appointment is a clear sign that Microsoft believes its continued growth will be driven by core business offerings, like Office 365, and begs questions of the future of Windows Phone, the Surface hardware experiment, and even the Xbox One.

With regards to the latter, early speculation has hinted that Nadella could look to spin off the successful Xbox business into an autonomous unit, and this makes sense. Less likely is any immediate change to the Windows Phone structure, as Nadella has often spoke of living in a "mobile-first world" and there have been some encouraging signs of late.

However, the Surface's fate is far less certain and I wouldn't be surprised if one of Nadella's first big moves is to abandon the ill-fated hardware experiment.

We delivered extensive coverage of Microsoft's appointment of Satya Nadella as it's new CEO, so find out more about the man in charge of one of the world's most powerful tech companies by following the links:

Facebook turns 10

Microsoft's blockbuster CEO confirmation aside, this week's big story was the tenth birthday of Facebook. However, rather than prompting praise of the mercurial rise of the social network, the milestone actually led to widespread questioning of Facebook's future. This is nothing new. When I interviewed Rewired State founder Emma Mulqueeny last year, we discussed some of the reasons why Facebook will be a dinosaur by 2020 and there was similar sentiment on the table this week as Aatif Sulleyman questioned whether Twitter's rise would prompt Facebook's extinction. We haven't been all doom and gloom, though, and also paid tribute to 10 key Facebook milestones and took a closer look at how the site's design had evolved over the years.

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Tech City continues to boom

One area that definitely isn't experiencing any kind of decline is London's Tech City, the heart of the UK's vibrant startup scene. This week, two of the area's key players revealed their plans for expansion. First up, we visited with Silicon Roundabout co-working space Techspace as it prepared to expand its real estate by 25 per cent. Elsewhere, ITProPortal favourite TechHub opened its jazzy new offices in the heart of Old Street as it looks to continue to expand its community of startups and tech entrepreneurs. There's going to be many more exciting developments over in East London throughout, and you can always count on ITProPortal for the best startup coverage on the web.

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