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Apple will push out iOS 7.1 update in March

The latest speculation concerning the launch date of iOS 7.1 claims that the new version will be released in March.

This is according to 9 to 5 Mac’s “reliable” sources, although other sources such as BGR have said they expect to see version 7.1 unleashed before March arrives.

It’s certainly true that the Apple community has had to wait long enough for the release of 7.1, as iOS 7 was first rolled out in September of last year. A mid-March rollout would represent a six month wait for the operating system’s first major update.

With iOS 6, Apple again released the OS in September but had version 6.1 out in January 2013.

We have, of course, already seen bug fix releases for iOS 7, and plenty more glitch squashing is promised in iOS 7.1. There have been five betas of iOS 7.1 which have shown where all the work lies – primarily bug fixes and performance tweaks, along with some UI tweaks and adjustments to things like the dialler, keyboard and Calendar app.

Don’t expect anything major, though; it’s mostly fine-tuning work. Given that iOS 7 was a big change for Apple, it’s not surprising that there’s a lot of smoothing out to be done, and that version 7.1 has taken so long to arrive as a result.