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How to edit your Facebook "A Look Back" video

By now, most Facebook users have taken a stroll down memory lane via their "Look Back" video —a highlights reel from each person's time on the social network.

But if Facebook's predetermined first moments, most liked posts, and shared photos don't quite suit your memories, you can now edit the video to your liking.

When these makeshift home movies launched this week, in celebration of the site's 10th birthday, the "Look Back" support page said users could alter their videos via the "Edit Your Movie" button under the player. But that option was not live, until today.

Facebook quietly redesigned the Look Back video page to include an "Edit" option in the top right corner, next to the green "Share Your Film" button. Click the video to play a compendium of your first moments, your most liked posts, and tons and tons of your photos.

Underneath the video, you can see the items that Facebook chose to include in your video, designated with a blue checkmark. If you hate Facebook's algorithmically chosen options, though, simply uncheck each box, and pick new ones. Each section allows only a limited number of picks, so choose wisely. Arrows in the top right corner allow users to scroll through boxes of photos to pick their favorites.

On Facebook's "Look Back" help page, it says that users can "click Update or Share Your Movie above the video player to save your changes and share the edited movie." According to a company spokeswoman, the "Update" option will only appear if you've shared your video on Facebook. The changes you make, meanwhile, will automatically be reflected in the movie posted to your Timeline, so no need to look for a "save" button.

Facebook's "Look Back" video option made headlines this week when a grieving father pleaded with the site to release his late son's "Look Back" video. After his plea went viral, Facebook told John W. Berlin II they would provide him with his son Jesse's video; Berlin promised to post the final "Look Back" once it is published.

In the meantime, here's our own "look back" at Facebook's 10 milestone moments of the past decade.