Larry Ellison “disturbed” by kids playing video games

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison is “disturbed” at the number of kids that play video games all day long instead of embracing the great outdoors like he did as a youngster.

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The comments came after he was asked at the Oracle Human Capital Management summit last week as to what changes technology may have on the world, according to The Channel.

"I am so disturbed by kids who spend all day playing videogames," Ellison stated. "When I was a kid a long time ago, when the sun rose I was outside on my bike. If my parents were lucky – poor parents! – I would be home before it got dark,"

One example cited by Ellison alluded to the basketball star LeBron James and the fact that playing games helps to make everyone feel that little bit more successful.

“In virtual reality everyone gets to be LeBron. Game-playing is more fun when it's virtual because you're more successful. ... in reality, only one person gets to be LeBron," Ellison added.

Though Ellison did add that technology, at its root, is “neither good nor bad ... it can sometimes be disturbing to see how technology has, I think, very, very negatively impacted the lives of our children.”

"I think the impact of technology on children right now and different aspects of our lives is sometimes fabulous and sometimes terrible." Ellison added.

The outspoken Ellison is well known in tech circles for a range of high-profile disputes and rants with all manner of different companies and personalities, including Apple and Google, evoking the ire of the Oracle co-founder in the past.

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Ellison’s comments back up similar assertions made by psychologists regarding the amount of time children should spend on computers or in front of screens. Dr. Aric Sigman stated back in 2012 that around 55 per cent of 11 to 15 year olds spend seven and a half hours in front of a screen and that the number should be reduced significantly.