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Met Police to use iPads as part of ‘Total Technology’ strategy

The London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has unveiled a new £200 million programme to equip 15,000 police officers with iPad Minis.

The three to four-year Total Technology IT strategy aims to improve the way the MPS operates by providing police officers with "cutting-edge technology" in order to fight crime and better interact with the public.

The Total Technology review states: "The revolution in consumer technologies and the move towards open government are driving police services to deliver to the citizen in new and innovative ways."

By introducing the tablets, it is hoped that police officers will be able to spend less time at their desks filling out paperwork and more time on the streets.

"We want the officers out there fighting crime on the streets rather than sitting in a police station tapping on a keyboard, not solving anything," acting CIO for the MPS Richard Thwaite told the Financial Times.

"Even if they are in Starbucks keying in details, then at least they are out there, visible and accessible and reassuring to the public."

The choice of device was limited by the fact that Apple is the only manufacturer officially recognised as a secure device within a policing environment,however Android devices are expected to be accredited later this year in order to broaden the options for the MPS.

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"It's a very exciting time for the Met police and for London and an exciting opportunity to see technology help transform the policing environment, which is very old fashioned with police officers using their notebooks – we're moving into the 21st century," said Thwaite.