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Tech News Weekly Podcast 4: A security jamboree with ITProPortal - NSA, M&A, and what's new in the modern office

This week, on the 10th Anniversary of Facebook, we look back on our memories of Facebook through the years and what influence Facebook has had on the internet during that time. Also we discuss the recent unprecedented growth in the cyber security industry, the Belgian cryptographer who had secrets stolen via a LinkedIn hack and a report on what we learnt from the recent Modern Office conference.

The panel this week joining Wayne Scott is, Aatif Sulleyman, Paul Cooper and Alysia Judge.

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Alysia kicks us off this week with a discussion of why mergers and acquisitions are so prevalent in the security industry today, and what it could mean for the future. We try to answer the question: why is the security industry such big business? And are security companies just trying to scare us into buying their products?

Next up is Paul, who tells us how one of Belgium's foremost cryptographers was hacked by the NSA - or not. It's one confusing story, and we break it down for you.

Finally, Aatif brings us home with a discussion of how technologies including the cloud have transformed the world of business. How has the modern office evolved, and what what can you do to stay ahead?

Articles up for discussion:

The great security spend: Why is cyber-defence such big business?

NSA used LinkedIn to steal secrets from Belgian cryptographic expert.

Modern business: If you don't embrace change and agility, you'll fail

Security vulnerabilities and threats hit highest level since records began with skill gap to blame