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Windows Phone 8.1 screenshot leaks show revolutionary notifications menu

After months of rumour and intrigue, the first solid evidence of a dedicated notification system in Windows Phone 8.1 has surfaced.

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Top secret screenshots from Microsoft's newest flagship phone have appeared on the Winphollowers website, apparently having been pulled from a confidential Microsoft Powerpoint presentation.

Known as the "Action Centre", the screenshots (above) reveal a customisable display of four control shortcuts for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, systems settings and more. Like its Android and iOS cousins, the menu will be accessed by dragging your finger a short way down from the top of the screen.

Drag the screen the full way down, and you'll gain access to a full notification centre with alerts from all your apps. The screenshots would suggest that these notifications will be separated by app type rather than timing.

There will also be a "Clear All" option, "All Settings" and the possibility of setting up "Ghost notifications" so you're not inundated by unwanted alerts from certain apps.

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Most sources agree that the Windows 8.1 Phone will be officially unveiled at Microsoft's Build Conference in April. The second big cloak-pull is expected to be a brand new voice-recognising personal assistant called Cortana, not dissimilar to Apple's Siri sotware.