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Another major loss for BlackBerry as Head of BBM leaves

Amidst hushed whispers of rats and less-than-buoyant ships, another major executive has left ailing BlackBerry, and this time it’s the man in charge of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Andrew Bocking is an executive who has been with the company for quite some time, but has thought better of it all of late.

A BlackBerry spokesperson confirmed the move to Pocket Lint: “I can confirm that Andrew Bocking, EVP, BBM has made the decision to leave BlackBerry. We thank him for his years of leadership and contribution.”

For the moment, John Sims, head of global enterprise solutions, is going to take the reins of BBM.

More bad news for BlackBerry is hardly a surprise – it’s the only sort of news the Canadian company seems to attract these days. In December of last year, following a poor earnings report, the firm sent round a company-wide letter trying to keep morale up. One of the positive points it made was that BlackBerry was still very much a force in the world of secure mobile messaging.

And therein lies the real kicker with this latest exit – Bocking being the boss of that mobile messaging department. A wobble in a strong suit that the company is depending on in the fight for its future isn’t what BlackBerry needs right now.

Naturally enough, BlackBerry is attempting to appear as if it’s not overly concerned. The company told Pocket Lint that it would continue to focus on “BBM’s strength in messaging” and that new man Sims has “extensive experience in mobile messaging.”

The struggle for relevance in the smartphone world is becoming an increasingly difficult one, though.