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Good news for data scientists: Concurrent releases Driven error-checking service

Concurrent, Inc., a firm working on big data application platforms for enterprise, this week announced the release of Driven, the industry's first application performance management product for big data applications.

Concurrent describes Driven as "purpose-built to address the pain points of enterprise application development," and according the platform vendor, the program will also improve "application performance management on Apache Hadoop."

Most users of Hadoop will understand the benefits of being able to quickly get to the bottom of their data application failures and performance problems.

Driven "enables developers, data analysts, data scientists and operations to see key application metrics in real-time," allowing them to "isolate and resolve problems immediately."

The end results, according to Concurrent, are "stable, highly reliable applications that enterprises can depend on to deliver against their Big Data strategies."

Driven has been released as a free cloud service, and is being treated by Concurrent as an integral part of the Cascading community. Users will be able to collaborate across organisations involved in Cascading, and get help from community experts for their problems.

"We build Big Data applications on Cascading and rely on these applications to run our service," said David Amusin, the CTO of Copilot. "Driven is a much-needed addition to deploying and managing our Cascading applications on a day-to-day basis."

The big data boom that's ever gathering pace in the IT industry and all across the commercial sector continues to grab headlines and column inches.