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Samsung developing data collection service to assist app developers

Samsung is considering launching a new service that will let app developers take advantage of user information in order to create the best apps possible.

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The Information report, cited by The Verge, mentions that future Samsung devices could come with Context pre-installed by the Korean company, which will collect data concerning what users type, the apps they use and what data the phone’s sensors pick up.

It’s being reported that app developers would then be able to use the trove of data to improve respective apps and make sure they are as useful as possible. As an example, The Information states that a video service could automatically display sports videos to someone that often searches for sports and vice versa.

The same report does, however, mention that the feature has already been struck with a delay due to various internal disagreements at Samsung as to whether it will actually help to boost smartphone sales figures.

Samsung and Google have been attempting to iron out reported disagreements they have had over the future of the Android OS with Google apparently keen for Samsung to phase out its Touchwiz OS in favour of Google featuring more prominently.

The device manufacturer is said to be open to adding Google movie and music apps to its smartphones and tablets ahead of its own apps as part of the deal the two are talking about. It still isn’t clear what Samsung will gain from the deal even after the two signed a cross-licensing patent deal that accounts for existing patents as well as new ones produced by either over the coming decade.

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That came as part of a report by Recode that stated there had been a “huge change” in the Samsung-Google relationship in the past few weeks and it follows Google deciding to sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for some $2.91 billion [£1.77 billion].