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Samsung teaser shows off redesigned TouchWiz UI for Galaxy S5?

There’s been some movement on the Galaxy S5 rumour front again, with a new teaser invite to the live stream of the Unpacked 5 event apparently showing off new interface elements which could be drawn from the S5’s TouchWiz implementation.

Unpacked 5 takes place on 24 February at MWC, and as we’ve previously reported, it’s where Samsung is widely expected to unveil the new Galaxy S5 – along with this new take on TouchWiz, perhaps.

Pocket Lint spotted the teaser, which was pushed out via the Samsung Mobile Twitter account. Take a look at the image above and see for yourself – the icons included on the invite match up with previous leaks of screen shots which claim to be of the new TouchWiz interface.

The new icons are quite striking in terms of the fact that they’re flat (along iOS 7 lines), but also because they’re circular. Furthermore, they’re a bit… plain. If this is the revamped TouchWiz to be shown off on the S5, we must admit we’re rather surprised at the new design direction – and not entirely convinced.

Still, there are plenty of folks out there who will doubtless welcome work on the TouchWiz UI, and any changes will certainly extend further than the icons.

We haven’t got long to wait to find out exactly what Samsung has in store on 24 February, as it’s less than two weeks away now.