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Red Hat and Hortonworks join forces to bring data virtualisation to Hadoop

Red Hat and Hortonworks have banded together to make it easier to run Hortonwork's Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) with Red Hat's JBoss set of middleware, and other Red Hat enterprise software.

Shaun Connolly, Hortonworks vice president of corporate strategy, "The alliance will bring enterprise Apache Hadoop to a much wider audience that is very familiar with Red Hat and Red Hat JBoss technologies."

The companies have promised to work together on improving integration between the two softwares, making it easier for administrators to connect them and pass data between the two.

For instance, they have already released a beta of a plug-in for running HDP on Red Hat Storage Server.

"We see customer sites where they want to be able to run Hadoop workloads against data in Red Hat Storage," said Greg Kleinman, Red Hat director of strategy for storage and big data.

Red Hat has also updated the JBoss Data Virtualization data federation product, releasing version 6 on Tuesday, allowing it to take in Hadoop data from HDP. The theory is that this pairing should allow Hadoop data to be accessible alongside other leading enterprise data sources, such as data from an enterprise data warehouse and a SQL database.

The alliance seems to be a fruitful one, for now. Of all the Hadoop distributors, Hortonworks "was the most aligned with the Red Hat approach," Kleinman said, noting that Hortonworks is the only major Hadoop distributor whose products are entirely open source.

However, he left the door open for Red Hat partnerships with other Hadoop distributors in the future.

About 32 percent of enterprises currently use Hadoop, and another 31 per cent plan to use the technology this year, according to Red Hat-commissioned IDC study in 2013.

Image: Flickr (jared_smith)