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Samsung Galaxy S5 could have a bezel-free display with fingerprint sensor built in

It’s another day, and another Galaxy S5 rumour, this time claiming that Samsung’s incoming flagship – which is expected to be unveiled on 24 February at MWC 2014 – will have a bezel-free display.

In other words, there will be no surround or dead space around the edge of the display, enabling the phone to have the largest screen size in the most comfortable form factor possible. And of course it will look very slick, too, which won’t hurt.

Speaking of the display, it’s rumoured to be a 5.25in affair with a possible 2560 x 1440 resolution, and if that’s the case, a bezel-free design is going to look pretty striking indeed. (Note that other reports have claimed the screen resolution might be plain old 1080p, though). Couple all this with a metal chassis, as per other speculation, and the S5 is going to look very much more premium than the S4 did.

This latest rumour comes from the Korea Herald (via NDTV Gadgets), and also cites sources who claim there will be a fingerprint scanner on board the handset, and it will be built into the S5’s display (if there’s no bezel, it will have to be integrated into the display, of course). Print scanning won’t be a display-wide affair, though, with the Korea Herald claiming finger scanning tech will be on the bottom left and right-hand sides of the display.

A final bonus snippet: This new display will allegedly be glove-friendly, so you’ll be able to use the S5’s touchscreen with your thermal winter gloves next Christmas. If it gets cold and snows, of course, and we don’t see another monstrous deluge of rain that prompts everyone in the south to start building arks.

We’ll know what’s in the Galaxy S5 for sure a week on Monday, so not long now. Meantime, if you want a detailed overview of all the S5 rumours thus far – and there have been plenty – then check out our in-depth look at what we know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.