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Yahoo acquires diary app startup Wander

Yahoo has had its wallet out again and picked up Wander, a startup which makes a diary app, for a figure reportedly in excess of $10 million (£6 million).

The New York-based Wander’s iOS app goes by the name of Days, and it is designed to “turn your camera roll into an automatic daily diary of your life.”

In other words, it produces a visual diary or photo slideshow showing how your day went, which you can then share with friends.

The acquisition won’t affect the Days app, which will continue to be available as a standalone piece of software. The development team is set to work on new projects for Yahoo’s mobile arm, however.

A blog post by Wander (via TechCrunch) stated: “Our entire team will be joining Yahoo’s NYC-based Mobile and Emerging Products group, where we’ll continue on as a startup team within a larger organisation. The Days app will live on as a standalone entity, and we’ll also be working on some exciting new projects that we can’t talk about just yet.”

Mobile is obviously a key area for Yahoo, as it is for any Internet giant given the steeply increasing amount of mobile web traffic. Yahoo has made many acquisitions in the last couple of years, picking up the best part of 20 firms. On the mobile front it snapped up AdMovate, a startup which specialises in mobile advertising, last summer.