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Alleged first iPhone 6 images turn out to be fakes

Images which spilled out onto the Internet supposedly giving us our first real look at the iPhone 6, Apple’s next flagship smartphone, looked rather suspect, and have indeed turned out to be fakes.

This all started when that well-known purveyor of leaks, Sonny Dickson, took to Twitter and posted up the shots. He tweeted: “Could this be Apple's next iPhone? The iPhone 6?”

The answer to that would seem to be a flat “no,” however, as numerous sources have been quick to point out today.

Dickson said little else after posting, and just let the controversy boil and froth around the net, but Pocket Lint (among others) has attributed the images to a certain Martin Hajek.

Hajek rendered the images, apparently, and he’s known for using the same smudge texture in all of his renderings. And indeed the images do seem to contain the same smudging effects as seen in some of his previous work, as Pocket Lint points out (see the smudginess on the above image).

So these images would appear to be clever fakery, as is often the case when it comes to Apple gadget leaks. Dickson has had a pretty good track record where Cupertino is concerned, though, which is why the media might have bit harder on this story initially.

The iPhone 6 depicted in the images is admittedly pretty slick looking in terms of its slim profile and bezel.

The rumour mill strongly suggests that the iPhone 6 will get bigger (potentially with a phablet-sized version) and will have a sapphire glass display – and we discussed the latter possibility in-depth this morning.

Image Credit: Sonny Dickson (via Pocket Lint)