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G-Cloud director: Promotion will breed long-term success

G-Cloud is under threat unless more is done to promote the government’s public sector cloud procurement programme and the leader is calling on those supporting it to do more.

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Tony Singleton, the programme director and COO of the Government Digital Service [GDS], cited the need for awareness of G-Cloud to be increased in the wake of a survey last year that showed 87 per cent of local authorities are yet to purchase anything using the service.

“We need to help buyers and all those people involved in the procurement process to understand how G-Cloud can save them both time and money,” Singleton said. “We also need to increase awareness of G-Cloud across the wider public sector. Going out to more events to speak to...our target audiences will help, and we are already doing this in partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government.”

Singleton firmly believes that word of mouth recommendations are an excellent way to get the word out about G-Cloud. With this in mind, Cloud Pro reports that GDS will, over the coming months, be publishing some of the experiences that buyers have had when using G-Cloud in order to encourage more to use it.

In addition to this, the overhaul of the CloudStore will help to increase the uptake of G-Cloud services by being more geared towards user needs.

“Finally, we’re excited to be looking at how a new and improved CloudStore, can act as a single space for public sector buyers to find what they need on all digital frameworks,” he added. “This new digital marketplace will be built entirely around user needs and will meet the Digital by Default Service Standard,” he concluded.

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Even though awareness is low, G-Cloud spending has still hit £78 million since its launch and over half of that amount has been procured by small and medium sized businesses.