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iPhone VCSO cam 3.0 challenges instagram for iPhone dominance

VSCO Cam has always been tangentially related to the wide world of social networking, but today's update makes that connection more explicit. You can still take and edit photos, but there is a new feed of images from accoutns in VSCO Grid that you follow. There is also a link to your own profile, but it takes a different approach to sharing.

The new home section of VSCO Cam contains the updated social version of Grid. This isn't quite a competitor to the likes of Instagram—VSCO Cam doesn't have comments or any equivalent to Likes. All you do is share your images and and know there is someone seeing them. You can't even see how many followers you have, which might change the experience by taking the competitive aspect away.

VSCO Cam uses a very clean minimalist interface, but it's been tweaked a little in 3.0. It's still mainly about taking photos and applying filters. The app contains a fair number of filters for free, but the store offers new options for a few bucks. The images in VSCO Cam are worthy of sharing more often than the ones captured in apps like Instagram—not only are the filters higher quality, they aren't compressed to within an inch of their digital lives.

In addition to the expanded social Grid features, version 3.0 includes tilt and level adjustments in the camera, alphabetical preset ordering, auto-save options (finally), pinch-zoom in detail view, and a few more editing improvements. As always, you can pick up VSCO Cam on iPhone for free