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Surface Tablets more useful BYOD devices than iPads, says report

Microsoft thinks its Surface devices are better for work activities than the iPad and Android alternatives, but does corporate America agree?

Based on North American usage data, the answer is yes – Surface tablets are actually being used in work settings more than competing gadgets, according to new data from advertising and web analytics firm Chitika.

"Surface users generate a slightly greater share of their total Web traffic during working hours as compared to iPad or Android tablet users," the firm said in a new report. "However, in terms of raw traffic volume, iPad and Android tablet users lead the pack at all hours of the day, and usage patterns among all tablets remain relatively similar overall."

To reach its conclusions, Chitika took a sample of millions of North American tablet-based ad impressions on its network.

Apple iPad owners are "far and away" the most active tablet users throughout the day, Chitika found .. At 9 p.m. ET, the peak hour for all tablet web usage, iPad users generate more than four times as much web traffic as Android users.

But Surface wins the rat race. While no tablet experiences its volume peak during working hours, Surface RT and Surface 2 users generate a higher share of their collective daily traffic between the hours of 12 and 5 p.m. ET than iPad and Android tablet owners.

"The results support the idea that Microsoft's tablets are generally used more frequently during working hours as compared to its major competitors in the space," the company said. Still, there's no evidence that Surface users are actually doing more work-related activities during work hours, as opposed to slacking off and watching YouTube. In addition, Microsoft "has a long way to go before challenging Apple or Google in terms of raw usage volume during working hours."