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Today's Tech: Fake iPhone 6 photos, UK falling behind in cyber awareness, and the EC trying to take the Internet back

Pulling our leg

The Internet nearly choked on its own tongue earlier today, as photos surfaced alleging to show a leaked prototype of the iPhone 6, Apple's next flagship smartphone. However, they were quickly shown to be fakes.

This all started when that well-known purveyor of leaks, Sonny Dickson, took to Twitter and posted up the shots. He tweeted: "Could this be Apple's next iPhone? The iPhone 6?"

The answer to that would seem to be a flat "no."

Britannia rules the waves, but not cyber-awareness

UK companies are being left behind in cyber awareness by their US counterparts, according to research carried out by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by BT.

Despite recent government initiatives to boost awareness of the need for cyber security, such as the latest "Cyber Streetwise" campaign, Just 17 per cent of UK IT decision makers said cyber security was a major priority for their organisation, compared with 41 per cent in the US.

The survey found that it's not scurrilous rogue states, trained teams of cyber criminals or even hacktivists that have organisations the most worried – it's their own employees.

Give the Internet back, America!

American control of the Internet could be a thing of the past, if the European Commission (EC) has its way.

The EC yesterday published its recommendations aimed at weakening the American stranglehold on the infrastructure of the Internet, including internationalising the governance of the Internet and taking major regulatory bodies out of direct US control.