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Lack of demand sees Apple retire legacy iPad 2

Rumour has it that Apple is winding down its production of the old iPad 2 tablet in the face of decreasing demand.

Currently, if you want an Apple tablet, you have four options – the flagship iPad Air, the new iPad mini Retina, the old (original) iPad mini and the veteran iPad 2. Of course, in terms of full-size 10in (well, 9.7in) options, the choice is either the iPad Air or iPad 2.

But according to sources who spoke to Apple Insider, customers are choosing the modern models by the vast majority, and the three-year-old iPad 2 has been left out in the cold.

Not that this is any great surprise. Last autumn, when Apple rejigged its slate line-up with the launch of the iPad Air, we couldn’t believe the price that they kept the iPad 2 on with. It costs £329 for the 16GB iPad 2, which only represents a £70 saving on the Air.

Who exactly is going to give up a 2048 x 1536 display in favour of an ancient looking 1024 x 768 screen, and sacrifice the slick new A7 processor for an A5 just to save seventy notes? Indeed, you can actually buy an iPad mini Retina for £10 less than the iPad 2. £329 always seemed like a crazy price to us – but that’s Cupertino’s premium pricing scheme for you.

Apple Insider notes that this latest speculation fits with analyst predictions made late last year. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said that Apple would only ship 300,000 units of the iPad 2 in the final quarter of 2013, which showed it was winding down towards a discontinuation.

Not that the iPad 2 can be deemed a failure in any way, shape or form, of course. Three solid years on the market is quite an achievement, but we suspect the last six months have seen some very lacklustre sales.